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Posted by missrandall on Feb-18-2014


  1. When commenting – only use your first name and class: e.g. Jane Y6. Don’t use your surname.

  2. Don’t post personal information – such as your home phone number, mobile phone number, email address or home address.

  3. Never tell anyone where you are.

  4. Think about what you post! Be nice and be polite. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your granny to read!

  5. Make sure everything you post on the blog is your best work.

  6. Check your spellings, punctuation and grammar and try to be as accurate as you can.

  7. Don’t post anything that could hurt anyone’s feelings.

  8. Have fun and enjoy contributing to the Blog!  icon smile Blogging Rules

All your comments will be placed in a moderation queue and will be checked by a teacher before they are made ‘live’ on the blog. We will not use any photographs or videos of any of our students.

Thank you for using our blog responsibly.

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